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Social Security Law

We are pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive system which enables us to successfully present our clients in the most favorable light to the deciding authorities within the United States Social Security Administration. We employ a variety of methods to accomplish this. This includes asking you, the client, to tell us how your particular disability makes you feel on a day to day basis. Many times, this process allows us to identify other areas of concern, such as depression, which the less empathetic attorney is not experienced with. Moreover, this methodology may permit us to present you with a dual diagnosis to take with us to the hearing

Family Law

This is one of the areas of practice in which Paul Herrod became skilled early on. Having been thrown into the arena of litigation with some of the more experienced attorneys many years ago, he quickly learned to counter his oppositions bluster with the facts. Many times, children are involved. The polestar of litigation in this area is determining what may or may not be in the "best interests of the child". Many times, the presenting client is seeking suggestions on how to repair injuries of a self inflicted nature. Paul can offer you simple solutions that work.

Criminal Law

Whether the problem is white collar or garden variety, a simple traffic citation or major felony, Paul has spent many years developing strategies and tactics that are effective in this arena of practice. After thirty years of practice, the solutions are available. We successfully handle virtually every type of criminal and traffic matter. Whether minor or serious, we can help you!

Probate Law

The founding partner of this firm was regarded as highly skilled in this area of practice. He insisted that his son become highly skilled here as well. Most problems in this arena can be alleviated by simply planning for the inevitable. Whether you need a last will and testament, trust document, durable power of attorney, or other probate document we can help you. We are also skilled in establishing guardianship for the aged or sick family member. We are also skilled in defending the parents of minor children from unwanted adoption proceedings.

Commercial Litigation

Paul Herrod, over time has gained significant and skilled experience in this area of practice. Whether it be defending an alleged trade secret violation, corporate or LLC formation and maintenance, defending foreclosure or debt actions, Paul has the skill and experience necessary to help you with problems of this type.

Extended Law

Most of the people we represent have been with us for many years. It is not uncommon to find us helping second and third generations of the original client. They keep coming back because they know that Paul, if at all possible, will not only help them, but give them the undivided and personal attention they need to be happy. He knows you have a choice when it comes to choosing a lawyer. You keep coming back because you know that he cares about what happens to you next.

Need Consultation?

The Herrod Law firm has experience in a wide range of different legal practices. Should you need help with a pressing legal matter, you can count on the Herrod Law firm to answer any questions you may have, and help define a strategy to assist you in getting the best possible outcome with whatever issue you may be facing.

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